A thing of beauty!

I have always believed nature is beautiful and looking at it through a camera lens makes it even more so..
Here are a set of images from my trip to hill station nearby.
It rose so majestically
With an air of divinity
That I stood there transfixed…

_MG_4127 I had the fortune of visiting right after the summer showers. It was lush green everywhere, truly a sight to behold.


_MG_4138 _MG_4145 _MG_4159

As the mist lifted off its face, we stood there stunned at the simplicity of its beauty.



A single beam of light cut across the rock face, and if it wasn’t for having to precariously – park near a hairpin bend in a 2 lane drive, I’d have stood there all day.

I know I had promised to continue my series of poems, but I am still working on part 3, so till then, enjoy these images.

As always, Be kind and have fun!

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The Promise!

“Promises are only as strong as the person who gives them-”
~ Stephen Richards

It is becoming increasingly apparent to me that as time flies by, I seem to be caught up in an endless cycle of Hiatus – Guilt – Frenzied writing – Writers block, over and over again. Not only is my inexperience as a writer glaringly apparent here you find it hard to follow me and I find myself starting over innumerable times. In an effort to end this viscous cycle I am committing myself to you, my dear readers.

I commit myself to post something every day. It may be a full article, a poem, a question, just about anything, but I will be here every day. I may make many a mistakes along the way but I’ll pull through, and that is  a promise. And in return I request that you be more patient with my mistakes and stick with me.

Lets make for an interesting and sensible relationship. Let’s muse – no topic shall be taboo and no question too paltry.

This is my promise to you! And I intend to keep it!

– To a better future

Be nice! Have fun!

And that, is Music

Like just another day I was browsing through youtube and came across a brilliant piece of music.
So brilliant it was, that I listened to every video on the channel. You could say I was drowned in music,
eyes closed and volume on full blast. Suddenly I began writing as though wanting to respond to that beautiful piece.
I’ve done them no justice but want to share it with you none the less.

The Cello Song – (Bach – with seven more cellos) by The Piano Guys

And this is what I wrote –

A rush so profound, took over me –
Words fail me, as I sway to its tune,
Like a trance, my hands moved
As music filled my ears,
The earth gave way
My hands, took a life of their own
Moving as though in response…
Up and down, like the brook and the breeze
Enchanted I am, in his ephemeral tunes;
A new reality manifests,
As I struggle to word my emotions,
I’m drawn over by a grasp so strong,
It pulls me away-
Away from reality,
Away from my worries,
Away from every thing.
Lost I am, in the tunes of the soul
For it was, a tune for the soul,
Every note, every strum, left me yearning for more
A tune so profound, so lost in it…
So lost I was that I could no longer wonder
Wonder how a sound so hypnotic could ever be,
Words are now paltry, as my heart surges,
Like the waves of the tide.
I crank up the volume, and shut my eyes-
In a tune so magnificent
So primal, yet opulent
So elegant, yet bare
So many words, yet it barely does justice
To the sheer opulent grandeur,
The ecstatic surge,
Of my very being,
As I listen to his cello.
And all I want is for this moment to never end.

I know I barely do justice. Such is the nature of music, for it makes you struggle to express it, only to realize that you’ve barely done it any justice.
None the less I’d love to know what you think.

Suchithra Ramakrishnan

The Memoir – P&R’s visit to India…

I have neglected you guys long enough. Well, that always happens when you are stuck in a mind as lazy as mine. So here goes, I will attempt to narrate the roller coaster ride months I’ve had.
Well where do I start, well i’ll introduce you to P&R and narrate their visit which well in all fair sense is where it all began. So here’s to a P&R and their visit home after three long years. Well like every other relative you have in the US, the quickest way to make those blissfully ignorant siblings visit is to get someone in the family married. And there it was a wedding, so P&R finally decided to visit. After a session of prodding and poking they extended their trip to a month and a half. D’ day arrived and I managed to squeeze a week of leave thanks to ma boss (couple of the perks of working in a travel industry.. u get to travel, well at least rarely).

So after the initial pleasantries and the startling traffic in the smelting heat of Chennai, it began. A general warning to all those poor little younger siblings who play chauffeur to the US returned, no matter how used to Indian roads they were, don’t let them be your pillion rider (or be prepared to get your shoulder clawed off every time an auto overtakes you, seriously!).

Off we went to Tiruchirapalli, for the wedding. Having been there numerous times, we expected the same old hot messed up township. I could not have been more off. As we got off the railway station which was bearably clean, a crisp cool morning breeze wafted through the trees carrying the smell of the jasmine. And as if that wasn’t shocking enough, the auto drivers were being civil, and the roads were pristine.
The wedding was a frenzied greeting of relatives and as we finally reached the reception hall, a red carpet had rolled out greeting the guests. We were greeted like royalty, a traditional salute with Indian drums and horns that seemed befitting the kings. And if that wasn’t enough to raise our heads to the skies, there was this guy with his charming salutes…

Well, we were to travel to Chidambaram. It was a shame to miss the brilliant climate and travel in the crammed car. We relived ourselves of the luggage and decided to ride the train. We got ourselves tickets for the three hour journey. We ended up standing for most of the journey, but what a journey… i’ll tell you this if you are going to take the train, take the local train and go standing. Endless fields of emerald greens, grey clouds baggy with the promise of rain, a horizon of palm trees, and a bunch of wild brats running to keep up with the train waving at us. As if this weren’t blissful enough, it began to drizzle. The clouds parted with just enough rain to raise the dust with that distinctive aroma of wet earth and a welcoming home. It seemed like the whole scene was welcoming P&R home.

This is just the first week. There is a whole solid month coming at you…
Until then, Happy Pongal guys…
Do keep commenting.. 🙂

Happy New Year !

It has been a while now hasn’t it… well the thing is, the past few months has been a roller coaster ride of crazy… I will tell you about it one at a time.. ..
Well we do have a long long way to go so stay with me…
before I leave here is  a little something … one of my most favourite pictures from my trip to Masinangudi.

Well… here is wishing you a  very happy new year. Here is to the road less taken..


Suchithra Ramakrishnan

Just another naughty lill brat :)

I know… its been long since I’ve posted anything… I’m too drawn in by the lovely Chennai monsoons… too drawn in to write.. but i promise ill write soon enough… until then here is a pic i clicked somewhere along the way!
And stay right there I’ve something big lined up for ya…
untill then .. enjoy!

This little fella was following me and my camera around, but would bolt out while i see him..
Finally caught the shy lill rascal with his priceless smile…
Have a great weekend folks… the monsoon is up … feels like I’ve sprouted wings..

Raji’s Exotic garden Paradise

It was yet another of those really hot sultry days, as I visited my aunt in Mandaveli, a very noisy crowded locale in Chennai. Succumbing to the unrelenting heat they dozed off. Old fashioned was the house, with its huge doorways, high roofs, large halls and most importantly a front porch with actual plants (not the decorative plastic excuses that people use). As I sat there chatting up my sister in law, a whiff of breeze blew across my face, carrying with it the sent of wet earth. It is an experience i can never quite do justice to, it feels like going back home, a familiarity a sort of joyous kinship  with the earth, we Madrasis hold ever so dear. then it poured after playing taunt for a while, it finally poured and oh the relief, almost as if I was born again, with the land, the grass seemed greener, the wood darker, and as i sat at the steps outside the house staring at the brown bark, blue skies, and all things in between, my head buzzed with ecstatic joy and I began shooting… I had discovered an oasis of virgin land in the midst of a mayhem of blaring horns, racing bikes and concrete monstrosities.

love the twirls..! 
 It’s like the leaf got goose bumps
The ant wouldn’t let me photograph it.. kept running away!

Sitting there looking at the lemon tree all i could remember was the song “Lemon Tree” by savage garden.
Rain drops….! 🙂
i love this snap…!
Caterpillar Trails..
the omnipresent Mint!

a exotic looking chiku …. 
i do not know why but I love this snap.. its soo fresh
i don’t remember the last time i saw this…….
 Looks exotic doesn’t it
the shy red bug.. don’t know what exactly it is
Finally a proper shot

Forgive me, but i could not refrain from posting so many pictures…

Two heads and a body!

Ah crap!
There are just a gazillion moments to life…. Yet we spend almost  all of it being cynical under the pretence of pragmatism. Come on, think about it.. When  was the last time any of us spent a day or two without saying ” Argh this is soo fucking screwed up!”. If there be a man who has never in his life felt so, then I’d get down on my knees and call him the greatest philosopher. To the rest of us however, if the world is so screwed, then, why bother trying to save it. Why is it that we are enthralled by it. If life is so unfair how come a toothless grin of a shabby little three year old seems to brighten my day like a million suns. It is strange that no matter how much I enjoy eating a large chunk of chocolate(which I enjoy tremendously ), I seem to enjoy seeing a little kid lick every last speck of it savoring it like it was ecstasy. All of us seem inclined at perfection. We want clean roads, fresh water, good food and corruption free politics, yet  somehow amidst all this clutter and commotion is this feeling of oneness, a feeling off belonging,  an unexplainable affinity to our roots, no matter how twisted and mangled they might be.                  After all the plush interiors and lavish sights, nothing quite seems to compare to sitting under the tree watching the sun set. Nothing  can be quite so endearing. I never understand why we bind ourselves to stringent disciplines searching for  happiness  when all it takes is a smile. A simple loving smile. We claim to aim at perfection, when frankly  most of us cant even handle a perfectly orderly house. The instant we see it, most of us would become insecure and retort that it looks like a museum. We try making our surroundings perfect and make a perfect mess out of ourselves and even worse justify it in the end saying “that’s what makes me human”. Just like a mother loves her son even if he happens to be the most screwed up thing on earth, we seem to wanna make the best of every second of this screwed up life. What I hope to understand writing this … well frankly I don really know. But this I know the next time I say “life is so fucking screwed up”, I sure as hell know that I love every minute of it, big or small, good or bad, in the end it is my life and I love every dammed minute of it.

The Worth of what’s ‘Truly boring’.


I’ve always been bit of an odd-ball. Think outside the box I was taught and .. I did! I’d think out… way out into the deep blue sky the passing clouds, the sun set as it paints its colors over the clouds and waves, the breeze that plays across my face, rain on a summer’s day, a smile across an infants face , the love in a mother’s eye , the bliss of holding a friend’s hand… and as if in sleep, I’d smile. My face would light up with a pleasured radiance and I’d smile lost in thought.
Well who could blame my teacher for being genuinely surprised, as I happened to be the only person in the class who was awake and grinning into blank space… little did he know that he’d actually get used to it!!
Anyway there was this one pleasant day… I sat in class pondering over the better part of life- music art and poetry. And suddenly out of the blue, it struck me… no matter how boring, monotonous and some times even annoying my life, as an under-graduate was, there was still something about my mundane life that appealed to me. Something about my wearisome classes that had made me smile. Something, that made my boring life more tolerable, sometimes even memorable.
Pondering over my startling realization, I thought… what, about my college, my city, my life, was memorable? My college all great and famous was not the most interesting of places, my city a quite, peaceful but dull place was more suitable to a retired army marshal… the only thing my city ever held for me was its sunsets and that elusive October drizzle…. How ever all these were but momentary joys, a fleeting sense of beauty, like a chocolate, only could be enjoyed for the moment.
Lost in thought, as ever, I sat… and missed the bell. I was back with a start, hearing pearls of laughter all around me… for they deemed I was hilarious. Always wondered how I pull that one off.
I called out my goodbyes and edged my way across to the parking lot to find her waiting for me. It was then that it dawned that I had the answer all along, had the answer sitting besides me in class, waiting for me now… risking her life just so that I don’t drive home alone. I had the answer all along, holding my hand, laughing with me, chiding me, teasing me, cajoling me… walking me through and being satisfied just with a smile. Then I smiled again. How could I not have realized this earlier? These are the moments that matter moments etched in smiles and love. The little memories that make life worth it all. The times when you realize just being normal and having a boring life ‘is not so bad after all’. Now I smile again looking forward to yet another of my ‘truly boring’ days.