Where the wind speaks volumes,
And there’s a story in every stone.
Where birdsong, echoes my soul
This paradise beckons, my every bone,
Every drop, every chirp, that ray of light –
Cascading across the canopy.
Every flower, every leaf,
And that wandering doe;
Words loose meaning,
And thoughts are beyond substance.
Transfixed, I stare at those quivering depths,
Stunned in my own silence
For here nature spoke!

Silence, for words do no justice for the majesty that is nature.

Photo credits: Kalyan

May this moment in time, cease for all eternity as I stand transfixed in its resplendent glory!

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As always, Be kind and have fun!




“I am more than my scars” – She said.
When rancid hate, used twisted fate,
As an excuse to scar my face.
For rise I shall beyond empty shells,
I am more than a few lines on my face.
My smile might never show my teeth,
But it will never bear fangs in return.
Now I am more than your silly hate!

“I am more than my scars” – She said.
When your misplaced anger, displaced bones;
And battered blows, rained from bitter’d pride.
Despite my bodily agony,
I will fight for peaceful harmony.
Rise, I will above your misogyny!

My skin may be singed with hate,
But my laughter resounds with love and life.
Your pride may have stunned me with blows,
But I walk around with my head held high.
For I am more than what you see:
I am a woman, I am a mother, a sister, a friend,
I am love, I am life, I am a million things
All more than some scars on my skin!

Watch the story of Monica Singh – a survivor here

Photo Credits: The women of Sheroes’ Hangout.

The Mahatma Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi once said “strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will”.

This poem is a humble salute to those that have had to steel their will, to those that have had to test their strength and to those that survived. I will not victimize you, i will not pity you and will not feel sad for you for you have survived! I only hope that I may be allowed to emulate you, somewhere, some day! Thank you!

To those that survived,
May we learn to emulate your strength.
May we learn to find peace.

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This wretched fate!

I was lost in the depths of her frame
Her eyes bore a solemn I could not explain
Young as she was but wisened by pain
The kind of pain that stole her smile
Where life was a privilege she could not attain
She bore with poise her tired fate
For her eyes lay dry as her throat that day
An agony that ripped through my soul
As she bore her stare right through me bare
Not a word she said as she shied away
To safer grounds for the vultures sway…
In muted rage with tears astray
I look to the sky and curse this day…
I curse this destiny that stole her joy
This wretched fate

For bigoted fools lay laws and claims
And wars were fought like children’s games
In names of god, love and peace
That children like her are wisened by fate!

An ode to the children of war… Words cannot begin to express the magnitude of our failure. For we’ve bequeathed unto you such agonising fate. Where life and death lay at the mercy of men that fight in name of desecrated Gods.

That we may make this world a better place…
That children like her may run and play!

Image: Syrian refugee girl Amna Zughayar, 9, from Deir el-Zour, Syria.
Image Credits: Associated Press

As always, Be kind!



In a momentary lapse of reigned attention,
For what seemed like a minute in eternity,
Words flew forth with insightful grace;
Fingers raced to record them all
Lest they float away, like statues of sand,
Word after word, like some prophetic lore,
Painted, pictures of realms, imagined and beyond,
Of land, lord, life and love –
With strife and pain, loss and war;
But a moment alas ends again!
Thoughts and words, they race no more,
An empty mind frozen in shock –
Drawn back to the mundanity of life.
Back to the clikety-clack of otiose words,
Elaborate volumes of un-inspired thought,
That reeks of sterile schooled tenet
Like bridled stallions chained to a wall,
With a yearning for that indued moment….

To my fellow students of tired research….

Here’s to more distracted moments of creative exhilaration!

May you never be bored again!

Image Credits: Irene Chaparro

As always, be kind, have fun!

Drop of life

Drop after drop, on my window pane,
Turns bright red to mirror my pain;
Drop by drop, as it falls to the ground,
The skies cry tears, as if we are bound;
Now as my life begins to fade away,
I wonder why you turned this way;
For there was once a time, in the light of day,
You took my hand, smiled and said-
Said, that you’d never betray,
That, nothing would ever lead you astray.
Then your life, was roses bloomed,
But now that the petals, fall away,
The thorns, they draw blood, drop by drop…

Drop after drop, on my window pane,
I writhe in fear, at the bottle you drained;
Now that rage, has swayed your mind,
Life ebbs from me, a drop at a time;
I crash to the floor, with a startling sound;
As you break your fist, at the ground…
The rage has now, lost its sway,
You crawl to my side, and cry my name…
Drop by drop tears roll away,
As finally, my life slips away.

Abuse, why do we do it to ourselves? Why do we do to others, what we don’t want for ourselves. It seems strange to me that we as human beings, are capable of such selfless kindness and such abhorrent cruelty. Since when does a bottle trump over your wives smile? Since when does a “Fix” become more important than your child’s safety? Since when did we loose ourselves to such cruelty?

This poem is a reflection, on what it is to be the abused. I believe it is very important to put ourselves in the shoes of the victim, for if we understand the pain, we would no longer have the heart to cause it..

To those that bleed; May you find the strength to get back up again!
To those that abuse; May you find the sense to see the light again!

Image credits: Warein

As always, be kind, have fun!

Smile :)

When the wind comes sweeping past your face;
When life moves on, at it’s own pace;
When time once lost, is never regained,
And you feel like giving up;

When your effort is at the mercy of fate,
And promises eventually fail,
When memories of good, simply fade away;
And your will finally breaks…

Close your eyes and take a breath,
Let your tears fall away;
Hold my hand and smile a bit,
Let’s smile your sorrows away;

You may have a past, and no hope for another day,
You may have memories where the good ones just fade away,
But remember, tomorrow there is still the light of day,
So take my hand and smile away!

Have you realize, we don’t smile as often lately. Why is that, we are so lost in our own sorrows and miseries that we no longer stop to offer the simplest of genuine support to those in need. So here is me telling you, if you’ve had a bad day, don’t worry, you’ll be all right. Smile a little, you’ll make this world a better place. I’m tired of the sorrow, tiered of the hate, i have no patience for wallowing in the past nor do i have sorrows that need drowning, So I’ll smile for you and me, a smile that needs no reason, that needs no special occasion. I’ll smile for you, for being there, I’ll smile for the joys to come and I’ll smile because, tomorrow is another day!

Photo Credits: Kenny Louie

Here’s to you all! May you always have great days and even better experiences!

May there always be a smile where you go! 🙂

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Oh it’s cold…….

A single emotion, raged through,
It stormed in my head,
And pulled me out of my bed;
It drove a shiver down my spine,
As the hair on my neck stood still,
I shivered, from head to toe,
It is cold where I stand,
Oh so cold…
I’ve never been.
In a summer so cold,
And I don’t want, to stand here alone;
Yet alone in a crowd,
I stood still, waiting,
Waiting, for the storm,
To sweep me off my feet,
Off to a distant land,
Where I get to live, by my own rules;
Where success is measured,
By the smiles I wear;
Where I can spread my wings,
And soar to the sky;
Where even winter tucks me in,
In a warm embrace;
It is cold where I stand,
Oh so cold…
My hands are now numb,
It’s too cold to move,
Like the diver, at the edge of a cliff,
I seem to stand precariously perched,
At the pinnacle;
A delicate balancing act,
The smallest breath, will hurl me down.
It’s cold where I stand,
Oh so cold….

We all have those days where you feel like we are at the edge of a cliff. It takes a plunge, a leap of faith to get off it. There is always a million reasons not to go further, but just one to take the metaphorical dive – It’s cold atop the cliff. At the eleventh hour when the start of the journey is at hand, it is hard to see what the future holds and who to trust.

To those at the cross roads; May you never be insecure.
Always know that ‘you’ are worth the trouble!

Spread hope, it costs you nothing.
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Image credits: ‘flirting with fear’ by Kelsi Barr

As always, Be kind and have fun!


He knocked and pounded at the door,
Piss and puke filled the floor;
The stench was unbearable,
His hands throbbed,
As his fists pounded at the wall;
His palms were sweaty,
As he screamed for somebody,
To find him a fix.
His eyes were blurry,
And his speech was slurry,
As he slid down to the floor;
He mumbled an apology ,
As he broke down on the floor.
His arms were skinny,
His face was tired,
His head whirled –
As he fought for control,
He ripped the carpet,
Broke the chair,
He rampaged around,
As he wrecked the room.
He screamed for somebody,
To fix his mood;
His arms were sore,
From all the holes he poked;
His pockets were empty,
From all the parties he threw;
He stood alone, in the room he wrecked,
There was no one now, to clean up his mess.
His knees buckle,
And he falls to the floor;
A pain so violent shook him to the core;
He convulsed in agony,
And screams –
Screams again for a fix or two.
There is not a ear to hear him scream –
Screams, for the wife he had lost;
Screams, for the daughter he drove away;
The pain seared –
As he apologized again,
If only he could turn back time….
He screamed again
Writhing in agony,
Alone in the room he wrecked,
With the life he squandered away.


Image Credits: ‘Despair’ by Chandrika221

We’ve all seen them, read about stories, this is the life of an addict when the addiction takes over. This is an account of what life would be when you miss that one shot in life. It may not always be the end but it can never go back to what it was, for the clock once turned will never turn back.

To hope! May you find the strength to overcome your failure!

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Image credits: ‘Despair’ by Aphrodite

As always, Be kind and have fun!

The Eternal Shadow

I know you care!
I know you’ve always been there.
From behind the scenes in the dark,
You’ve been watching my back;
I know not your name,
Nor seen a pictured frame,
I’ve heard not your voice
But I know you care,
I know you’ve always been there
You’ve said not a word,
Not a letter or a note,
Yet I know in my heart you’ll always be close.
Through failure and shame,
You held me as we pulled through.
Now I take the stage because of you.
I’m in the light without you
So I’ll say every word,
take every breath for you,
Work to the point when our dreams come true
And my shadow I promise you,
For my love for you will stand true!

I’ve not been able to post for the past two days due to technical difficulties with my computer. I wrote a rather long article yesterday in hopes of publishing it only to have my browser crash and system hang ><. I just have the worst luck sometimes.
All the same this is a poem to a shadow, a sort of tribute to those in our lives who always stay in the metaphorical background helping you get to where you want.

May you find success and happiness and all the good things in life!
Image Credits: Shadow by Riccardo Cuppini

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As always, Be kind and have fun!

Making History!

A single quiver of deep emotion,
Pierced through her heart,
An overwhelming wave of  dread,
Shook through her being,
A baseless fear weighed down,
Like a rock in her stomach,
An insecure reassurance,
Re-bounded through her being,
For she tried in vein to appease herself,
Her spine quivered,
Her hands shivered,
As she wiped off the sweat,
She tried to swallow the lump in her throat,
Somewhere along the line,
She felt a hand push her forward,
A deep breath, closed eyes,
She breathed,
And walked on to the stage-
The rest though is history.

We all have those defining moments in life where we battle the fear and achieve something. Looking back and reminiscing is great, but actually being there…, well not so much.  What was that one moment in life when you made history (so to say ^_^)?

To performance! May you never loose sleep over it.

Image : ‘Staged’ by dualdflipflop

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As always, Be kind and have fun!