“I am more than my scars” – She said.
When rancid hate, used twisted fate,
As an excuse to scar my face.
For rise I shall beyond empty shells,
I am more than a few lines on my face.
My smile might never show my teeth,
But it will never bear fangs in return.
Now I am more than your silly hate!

“I am more than my scars” – She said.
When your misplaced anger, displaced bones;
And battered blows, rained from bitter’d pride.
Despite my bodily agony,
I will fight for peaceful harmony.
Rise, I will above your misogyny!

My skin may be singed with hate,
But my laughter resounds with love and life.
Your pride may have stunned me with blows,
But I walk around with my head held high.
For I am more than what you see:
I am a woman, I am a mother, a sister, a friend,
I am love, I am life, I am a million things
All more than some scars on my skin!

Watch the story of Monica Singh – a survivor here

Photo Credits: The women of Sheroes’ Hangout.

The Mahatma Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi once said “strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will”.

This poem is a humble salute to those that have had to steel their will, to those that have had to test their strength and to those that survived. I will not victimize you, i will not pity you and will not feel sad for you for you have survived! I only hope that I may be allowed to emulate you, somewhere, some day! Thank you!

To those that survived,
May we learn to emulate your strength.
May we learn to find peace.

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2 thoughts on “I AM MORE!

  1. Dear suchithra
    My sister
    Sheela Ramanathan ( you can google her) had fought for the acid victims , and has even got a legislation for compensation
    For these unfortunate
    Your poem is exactly what
    She is believing in
    I am really impressed
    Coming on this particular day
    It’s more meaningful

    • I am so glad to hear that a legislation has been enacted to protect the interests of those that survived and surpassed this horrible ordeal. I only hope that one day it wont be necessary.
      It’s nice to hear from you. I am glad you liked the poem. 🙂

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