This wretched fate!

I was lost in the depths of her frame
Her eyes bore a solemn I could not explain
Young as she was but wisened by pain
The kind of pain that stole her smile
Where life was a privilege she could not attain
She bore with poise her tired fate
For her eyes lay dry as her throat that day
An agony that ripped through my soul
As she bore her stare right through me bare
Not a word she said as she shied away
To safer grounds for the vultures sway…
In muted rage with tears astray
I look to the sky and curse this day…
I curse this destiny that stole her joy
This wretched fate

For bigoted fools lay laws and claims
And wars were fought like children’s games
In names of god, love and peace
That children like her are wisened by fate!

An ode to the children of war… Words cannot begin to express the magnitude of our failure. For we’ve bequeathed unto you such agonising fate. Where life and death lay at the mercy of men that fight in name of desecrated Gods.

That we may make this world a better place…
That children like her may run and play!

Image: Syrian refugee girl Amna Zughayar, 9, from Deir el-Zour, Syria.
Image Credits: Associated Press

As always, Be kind!



5 thoughts on “This wretched fate!

  1. Can’t help but come back and appreciate this line “And wars where fought like children’s games”
    when I listen to a certain tony blair respond to chilcot report.

  2. Wish not a single sole go through the pain – “The kind of pain that stole her smile.” Thank you Suchithra Ramakrishnan for this wonderful work!

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