In a momentary lapse of reigned attention,
For what seemed like a minute in eternity,
Words flew forth with insightful grace;
Fingers raced to record them all
Lest they float away, like statues of sand,
Word after word, like some prophetic lore,
Painted, pictures of realms, imagined and beyond,
Of land, lord, life and love –
With strife and pain, loss and war;
But a moment alas ends again!
Thoughts and words, they race no more,
An empty mind frozen in shock –
Drawn back to the mundanity of life.
Back to the clikety-clack of otiose words,
Elaborate volumes of un-inspired thought,
That reeks of sterile schooled tenet
Like bridled stallions chained to a wall,
With a yearning for that indued moment….

To my fellow students of tired research….

Here’s to more distracted moments of creative exhilaration!

May you never be bored again!

Image Credits: Irene Chaparro

As always, be kind, have fun!


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