Drop of life

Drop after drop, on my window pane,
Turns bright red to mirror my pain;
Drop by drop, as it falls to the ground,
The skies cry tears, as if we are bound;
Now as my life begins to fade away,
I wonder why you turned this way;
For there was once a time, in the light of day,
You took my hand, smiled and said-
Said, that you’d never betray,
That, nothing would ever lead you astray.
Then your life, was roses bloomed,
But now that the petals, fall away,
The thorns, they draw blood, drop by drop…

Drop after drop, on my window pane,
I writhe in fear, at the bottle you drained;
Now that rage, has swayed your mind,
Life ebbs from me, a drop at a time;
I crash to the floor, with a startling sound;
As you break your fist, at the ground…
The rage has now, lost its sway,
You crawl to my side, and cry my name…
Drop by drop tears roll away,
As finally, my life slips away.

Abuse, why do we do it to ourselves? Why do we do to others, what we don’t want for ourselves. It seems strange to me that we as human beings, are capable of such selfless kindness and such abhorrent cruelty. Since when does a bottle trump over your wives smile? Since when does a “Fix” become more important than your child’s safety? Since when did we loose ourselves to such cruelty?

This poem is a reflection, on what it is to be the abused. I believe it is very important to put ourselves in the shoes of the victim, for if we understand the pain, we would no longer have the heart to cause it..

To those that bleed; May you find the strength to get back up again!
To those that abuse; May you find the sense to see the light again!

Image credits: Warein

As always, be kind, have fun!


6 thoughts on “Drop of life

  1. Very dark. Makes me a little sad especially after reading your earlier poem Smile. Nevertheless, what you are saying here had to be said.

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