Smile :)

When the wind comes sweeping past your face;
When life moves on, at it’s own pace;
When time once lost, is never regained,
And you feel like giving up;

When your effort is at the mercy of fate,
And promises eventually fail,
When memories of good, simply fade away;
And your will finally breaks…

Close your eyes and take a breath,
Let your tears fall away;
Hold my hand and smile a bit,
Let’s smile your sorrows away;

You may have a past, and no hope for another day,
You may have memories where the good ones just fade away,
But remember, tomorrow there is still the light of day,
So take my hand and smile away!

Have you realize, we don’t smile as often lately. Why is that, we are so lost in our own sorrows and miseries that we no longer stop to offer the simplest of genuine support to those in need. So here is me telling you, if you’ve had a bad day, don’t worry, you’ll be all right. Smile a little, you’ll make this world a better place. I’m tired of the sorrow, tiered of the hate, i have no patience for wallowing in the past nor do i have sorrows that need drowning, So I’ll smile for you and me, a smile that needs no reason, that needs no special occasion. I’ll smile for you, for being there, I’ll smile for the joys to come and I’ll smile because, tomorrow is another day!

Photo Credits: Kenny Louie

Here’s to you all! May you always have great days and even better experiences!

May there always be a smile where you go! 🙂

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As always, Be kind and have fun!



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