Oh it’s cold…….

A single emotion, raged through,
It stormed in my head,
And pulled me out of my bed;
It drove a shiver down my spine,
As the hair on my neck stood still,
I shivered, from head to toe,
It is cold where I stand,
Oh so cold…
I’ve never been.
In a summer so cold,
And I don’t want, to stand here alone;
Yet alone in a crowd,
I stood still, waiting,
Waiting, for the storm,
To sweep me off my feet,
Off to a distant land,
Where I get to live, by my own rules;
Where success is measured,
By the smiles I wear;
Where I can spread my wings,
And soar to the sky;
Where even winter tucks me in,
In a warm embrace;
It is cold where I stand,
Oh so cold…
My hands are now numb,
It’s too cold to move,
Like the diver, at the edge of a cliff,
I seem to stand precariously perched,
At the pinnacle;
A delicate balancing act,
The smallest breath, will hurl me down.
It’s cold where I stand,
Oh so cold….

We all have those days where you feel like we are at the edge of a cliff. It takes a plunge, a leap of faith to get off it. There is always a million reasons not to go further, but just one to take the metaphorical dive – It’s cold atop the cliff. At the eleventh hour when the start of the journey is at hand, it is hard to see what the future holds and who to trust.

To those at the cross roads; May you never be insecure.
Always know that ‘you’ are worth the trouble!

Spread hope, it costs you nothing.
Share it! Leave a comment! Thanks!

Image credits: ‘flirting with fear’ by Kelsi Barr

As always, Be kind and have fun!


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