He knocked and pounded at the door,
Piss and puke filled the floor;
The stench was unbearable,
His hands throbbed,
As his fists pounded at the wall;
His palms were sweaty,
As he screamed for somebody,
To find him a fix.
His eyes were blurry,
And his speech was slurry,
As he slid down to the floor;
He mumbled an apology ,
As he broke down on the floor.
His arms were skinny,
His face was tired,
His head whirled –
As he fought for control,
He ripped the carpet,
Broke the chair,
He rampaged around,
As he wrecked the room.
He screamed for somebody,
To fix his mood;
His arms were sore,
From all the holes he poked;
His pockets were empty,
From all the parties he threw;
He stood alone, in the room he wrecked,
There was no one now, to clean up his mess.
His knees buckle,
And he falls to the floor;
A pain so violent shook him to the core;
He convulsed in agony,
And screams –
Screams again for a fix or two.
There is not a ear to hear him scream –
Screams, for the wife he had lost;
Screams, for the daughter he drove away;
The pain seared –
As he apologized again,
If only he could turn back time….
He screamed again
Writhing in agony,
Alone in the room he wrecked,
With the life he squandered away.


Image Credits: ‘Despair’ by Chandrika221

We’ve all seen them, read about stories, this is the life of an addict when the addiction takes over. This is an account of what life would be when you miss that one shot in life. It may not always be the end but it can never go back to what it was, for the clock once turned will never turn back.

To hope! May you find the strength to overcome your failure!

Let’s fight addiction. Share it! Leave a comment! Thanks!

Image credits: ‘Despair’ by Aphrodite

As always, Be kind and have fun!


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