Things that grind my gears!

The past few days have been very annoying. Almost every time I manage to write something and post it online I’ve had my browser crash, and anyone who posts everyday knows that is not a good thing. I’ve come pretty close to putting my fist through the laptop screen quite a number of times. So I thought I’d write a post about the things that “grind my gears” so to speak. Here’s mt list –

  •  The quintessential white guy that thinks ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ is an accurate representation of India, which is almost as if we all live in a sea of human excrement
  • That guy on the road who has the turn lights on but never turns. Seriously! It’s a F****** switch, just flip it over how hard can that be?
  • Those noobs on social media that are incapable of writing an entire word. If you have to make up an entire sentence out of an endless array of abbreviations to prove that you are “cool”, then you are not. Matter of fact you are so far away from being cool, it is not even funny.
  • That dick at work who thinks staring at you incessantly is cool and that you are somehow going to fall for him. I mean seriously in the history of things has that shit ever worked? Get your head out of your ass and get a life!
  • Those idiots who think talking in a fake “African American” accent is cool. No it is not, absolutely not! You just look like a walking comedy act.
  • When you get dressed finally after half an hour,then go change all over again. I mean, you are not gonna look like Scarlett Johansson no matter which dress you wear! So get your shit together, at least we get to watch the movie then.
  • You know what annoys me most of all CAPTCHA! Screw you browser! if I were a robot then i won’t need to come to your stupid website and click on your stupid link.
  • That person who gets offended in a comedy show. It is a comedy show you numbnut and if you sit your ugly ass in the front row, he’ll make fun of you!
  • That food joint that gives you a stupid plastic fork with your food. They bend, you idiots!
  • Those stupid chain messages that say “press like to save a life”, pressing like won’t do jack! You wanna save a life, go volunteer or donate.
  • Those verbally challenged idiots who use “fuck” instead of every word in a sentence. Get a dictionary!

The list is endless, but for the day, ill end there for the list of things that grind my gears. Do you agree with my list? What put’s you off?

May you never have to put up with this shit anymore!

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As always, Be kind and have fun!


5 thoughts on “Things that grind my gears!

  1. The annoying valley girl voice…I can’t take anyone seriously when I hear that tone. No, it doesn’t make the girl cuter, they just sound retarded.

    • Well, I am largely generalizing a certain ‘non-Asian’ demographic as being ‘white’. In the past the people who I’ve come across who’ve professed their ignorance in this regard, have been largely ‘white’. It is not so much a racial thing – I mean I’ve nothing for or against them, or anyone else. It simply happened to occur in the flow of things, and that is all there is to it. Quite frankly I did not give it much thought till you pointed it out. A tad bit judgmental and ignorant of me I suppose. But, what is written is written, and this is my reasoning.

      • IMO, Slumdog millionaire was a stupid movie. I find the term slumdog to be offensive. But, it is a movie ( you get the freedom of speech ). The usual stereotypes about India ( land of snake charmers, people riding elephants etc.) which smacks of ignorance still persist.

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